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OUT NOW: SalonEVO UK & Ireland Issue 15 – May/June 2023

Welcome to SalonEvo UK & Ireland issue 15 and EVO’s 101st magazine, can you believe it? Thank you to everyone who has been along on this journey, subscribing, reading, following, sending in your questions and sharing your wisdom. Where would we be without you?  

Donning this cover is an image from The Fellowship’s Afro Team, led by the fearless Jacqui McIntosh, who also happens to be SalonEVO’s newest columnist! In Final Cut, we showcase more of the collection, as well as an exclusive look at Brook Evan’s “Music is Fashion Collection.”  

An issue filled with firsts, we also have our newest feature, “Cut to the News” – a partnership with Dom Lehane, the man behind the How to Cut It podcast, on his latest venture, a news-oriented podcast, providing the industry with the latest industry current events.  

In our first feature, we dive into the toolkits of the industry’s best. What are the secret tools and products behind the iconic looks of artists like Michelle Sultan, Nick Irwin, Lan Nguyen and Adam Garland? We find out!  

Education is something you can never have enough of in this industry. In this feature we talk to top educators from all across the industry about the next step professionals can make to better themselves and elevate their career.  

Next, we talk about pride! And by that, we really mean that we are celebrating beauty businesses that are inclusive, welcoming, and help their employees and clientele feel proud of who they are. Can you be doing more to help your clientele feel comfortable, and cater to a more diverse crowd? Read on and find out!

They say beauty is only skin deep, but in our beauty and skin care feature, we talk about how you can build more beauty and skin care services into your business, to help your clients radiant, feeling beautiful inside and out.  

We hope you enjoy this issue! Order your beautifully presented print copy here.