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Rainbow Room International Form Young Artistic Team

Award winning Scottish salon group, Rainbow Room International, are thrilled to share the news they have formed a Rainbow Room International Young Artistic Team.

The idea was presented by Rainbow Room International Royal Exchange Square Salon Director, David Nicolson, who was aware that many young members of the salon group were intrigued with the Rainbow Room International Artistic Team but were lacking confidence in trying to be more involved.

David, alongside Co-Founder of the salon group, Linda Stewart, decided to form a Rainbow Room International Young Artistic Team, which would be headed up by Artistic Team Leader, Suzie McGill, who along with other Rainbow Room Interantional Artistic Team Member’s and Salon Directors, would teach the youngsters what it takes to be in an artistic team and the skills required to become part of the team.

All levels of team members across all of the Rainbow Room International salons were invited to be involved, with only one rule – they must be committed for a full year and attend all sessions provided throughout the year by the Artistic Team and Directors. At the end of the year, participating team members would receive a certificate for being part of the Young Artistic Team and also have the skills/confidence to move forward in their career and take a step up into the Artistic Team.

Seminars provided to the Young Artistic Team Members included a session with Artistic Tema Director and Uddingston Salon Director, Suzie McGill looking at haircuts, welding shapes, fashion and colours and how they are influencing trends at the moment, Royal Exchange Square Salon Director, David Nicolson on Razor Cutting, a session with Artistic Team Member and Bearsden Salon Director, Coco McMahon on cutting patterns, razor work and disconnection, a session with Artistic Team Member and Ayr Salon Director, Riccardo Corvi on stage presentation and an art class with Artistic Team Member and East Kilbride Salon Director, Jackie Curran practicing abstract art and working with different shapes and forms to name a few – all seminars were put together playing on each Artistic Team Member/Director’s strengths. All seminars are also hands on, allowing the team to not only look and learn but recreate the looks themselves.

Alongside the seminars, Young Artistic Team Members are encouraged to be involved with events and shoots with the Rainbow Room International Artistic Team, with many of the young team being involved with some incredible opportunities already. This includes getting to help with the latest Artistic Team photoshoot, getting to showcase a model on stage at the latest Rainbow Room International Creative Day and some of the team working backstage at Fashion Week.

Discussing the new Young Artistic Team, Coco McMahon, Artistic Team Member and Bearsden Salon Director said, “This is such a great opportunity for our young stylists across all our salons. There’s so much content for them and it’s extremely well planned. It also allows them to come together and make friendships whilst also opening communication between the salons. All the stylists involved so far have absolutely loved it, they all turn up at seminars so enthusiastic and dedicated. For us Salon Directors, it’s been absolutely brilliant taking part in the seminars, seeing our stylists excited and building their confidence and skills. We even have a group chat where they can share any ideas with us that they have. It’s great for the future of the company too, as these stylists can move up the ranks and it ensures constant growth.”

David Nicolson, Royal Exchange Square Salon Director said, “The whole idea came about because of lockdowns and the lack of opportunities for our ‘new’ stylists to get involved in the creative side of exploring every aspect of creativity. I felt that with all the resources we had within our company, we had a duty to stretch our directors and get them all to share their experiences, skills and to break down the barriers that our young teams had about ‘The Art Team’.  Involving everyone that wanted to grow in a voluntary way lets us all share time, wisdom and, as it turns out, is amazing for mental welfare as well.  As word gets out about what happens at these classes the numbers are growing, and you see the impact on the salon floor as the chats about painting etc. always get a very positive response from our clients. Everyone wins.”