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Screening clients for allergy just got even easier thanks to the new Colourstart® Passport App

Colourstart is the first clinically proven test for allergy to hair colour (PPD) to be licenced by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).  

Now a new App has been launched to make it even easier for clients to log in and update their profile to immediately share with their hairdresser. Their fully auditable green ‘OK to Colour’ status can then be redeemed at any salon running the free Passport system.

As well as offering complete creative freedom to salons, Colourstart Passport helps:

  • reduce unnecessary consumer exposure to hair colour from blob testing which can lead to active sensitisation.
  • increase compliance to manufacturers’ instructions to undertake an allergy alert prior to colour treatments.
  • standardise the quality and guidance of testing protocols for staff and clients.

Trichocare’s CEO, Nick Plunkett says, “We’re committed to a continual reinvestment in Colourstart to give hairdressers access to high quality systems designed for professional use that help achieve compliance to industry requirements to screen for allergy without inhibiting creative freedom and business operations”.  

Colourstart Passport App is available on Google Play and the App Store.

For further information on Colourstart email, visit or call 0330 3905888.