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Sheree Thompson Romanticising Hair Styles Valentines 2022

A bridal specialist, known for her incredible skill and beautiful creations, Sheree Thompson loves nothing more than creating the most romantic styles, for that memorable occasion, be it a wedding, first date or date night. 

With Valentines 2022 bigger than ever before, couples across the land are making every effort to make the occasion one to remember – with both men and women going to every effort for the most romantic day of the year. 

But the question on everyone’s lips is what style will be popular this year? Statement looks, luxurious waves or beautiful braids? Here Sheree takes us through her favourite and trending looks for Valentines 2022; 

Soft Waves 

Soft waves are a very popular look both in the UK and internationally, it’s one of the most requested styles and has been over the past few years with clients and bridal clients – and will be he for Valentine’s. It’s a trend that I believe will never go out of style and will evolve as we move forward. At the moment, the waves are so natural, with slight volume throughout and loads of shine. To create these beautiful soft waves I used a medium barrel tong, taking each section (around 2-4cm thick) and working my way around the head, pinning each curl for longevity. Once cool, brush through the hair, lightly, which will loosen the waves and leave you with the most beautiful soft style.  

The Power Ponytail  

I love seeing ladies rock the power ponytail, it is so versatile and adaptable that it can work for anyone and any vibe. Depending on the vibe the individual is going for, this powerful look could be very glamorous and bold or it could be very relaxed and boho – you really can tailor this look to work with each individuals style. This is very on trend and always will be – it’s a hugely popular style with many of my clients and is easily adapted. Depending on the style of ponytail chosen, accessories can be used to add an extra touch of glamour. 

The Big and Beautiful Blow-dry 

Taking inspiration from the gorgeous Adele, the big and beautiful blow-dry is such a simple yet overly romantic style, I absolutely adore this look. It’s incredibly effortless and is all about the movement of the hair, and is so easy to recreate on clients. When creating this style, I blow-dried the hair, focusing a lot of the heat at the root and lifting the hair to give as much volume as possible. Lifting the hair high and encouraging the beautiful, natural wave. The once dry, I curled the hair using the Hot Tools 32mm curl bar – this is a great tool which creates soft, natural curls. It’s important to ensure the curls aren’t too tight and appear effortless. When curling, I pinned all the curls throughout the back of the hair, working in a left to right section and keeping them all in a designated line. Towards the front of the hair, over direct the pin curls, to give the hair a much bigger statement. The hair was then left the hair to cool and then brushed out to give the most incredible look.