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The Travel Transition

By Andrew Smith

In an industry that is ever evolving, fast paced and providing the most incredible opportunities, we are very fortunate to be able to see so many different countries and cities and meet so many different individuals from every single walk of life.

With travel in the whole, unrestricted, and the industry almost back to normal as we know it, those who are fortunate to travel within our industry are once again country hoping, working to packed schedules and columns and juggling a mixture of work commitments along with salon life, all whilst keeping feet firmly on the ground.

As an Educator who travels around the UK and internationally, I am often asked how I juggle life in the salon, with clients, as a business owner all whilst educating around the world, as well as fitting in personal time too – it is a lot to juggle, more than ever! For me, the transition from travelling to all these different areas in my life which require attention can sometimes be difficult, which is mostly down to timings. However there is a few things in which I advise in order to help the transition from travelling much easier, making life a little less stressful.

Plan Ahead

My schedule is absolutely vital, it details everything that is ging on, includes all timings and information and is the reason that everything runs to time and as efficiently as possible. Planning ahead when travelling is incredibly important, as this allows you to actively look at free time or plan in any excess travel time that may be required. As a result you are less likely to double book or run late for your next project and are likely to be much more on form, with stress at an absolute minimum.

Book Transition Time

I regularly travel internationally and as we all know, travelling really can be tiring and very draining, especially after a few days of teaching or performing on stage. As much as you want to utilise every single minute of your time to work and make your business a success, booking in a transition day is sometimes vital, to allow you to rest, recover and prepare for the next again day. There is no point working to the bone on minimal sleep, as this will put you at risk of exhaustion. Taking time out will only benefit you and those around you – remember, days off are always ok!

Put Trust in your Team

As a salon owner who travels continually, delegating jobs and putting trust in your team to manage the salon is an extremely hard thing to do – it’s your business, your life and you want to be able to do everything and anything, yet sometimes that just is not possible. Having a well natured, focused and passionate team is always helpful. Trialling them with smaller tasks is a good way to begin the process of delegation and building trust between both parties.

Have a Travel AND a Salon Kit

It may sound a little strange, but having a salon hair kit and a travel hair kit will save so much time in the long run and is something I strongly advise. When your travelling and back into the salon almost instantly, having to sort through your kit, tidy it up and clean your tools can be a task that takes a lot longer than it seems, resulting in stress and much more time being wasted. Having separate kits for your clients and your international work will mean as soon as you walk back into the salon, you are ready for your clients and the day ahead, without the added worry of cleaning and tidying.