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Timely Launches Mental Health training for Beauty Therapists and Hairdressers to help support clients

In an exclusive partnership, Timely Business Management Software, an EverCommerce (Nasdaq: EVCM) solution, and Tom Chapman, founder of The Lions Barber Collective, have developed a four-pillar mental health training Virtual Masterclass to give beauty and hair professionals the tools needed to support clients facing mental health struggles.

This week, Timely is launching the first of its kind Virtual Masterclass in partnership with Tom Chapman focusing on Mental Health Awareness, making it the first booking tool industry-wide to incorporate educational certification into its product offering.

Two years in the making, the course provides Business Owners and their team members with the skills required to recognise the signs and listen with empathy by teaching professionals how to help clients in need find the correct help.

Designed not to diagnose, advise or prescribe, but instead to create a safer, more understanding environment at work and in the salon, this Masterclass teaches respect, sensitivity and understanding to hair and beauty professionals those who are treating clients navigating tough times.

This important piece of work has been led by EverCommerce’s Head of Strategic Partnerships for Timely,, Tamara Reid, who has been responsible for bridging the gap between technology and the professional hair and beauty industry.

“Here at Timely, we’re passionate about helping hair and beauty therapists provide an exceptional client experience, and if we can empower professionals to do that through continual learning on topics like mental health, leadership and communication, then we know we’re giving back to the industry in the best way possible. What we hope is that this Masterclass gives attendees the confidence to become the bridge between the clients they treat, and the organisations that are available.” said Tamara. “As we know, professionals working in the hair and beauty industry are in an incredibly privileged position of trust and intimacy. They often share raw and real stories with us about their lives and the people around them, which sometimes can be difficult to facilitate. With Tom Chapman as a facilitator on this Masterclass guiding us through these often sensitive conversations, we’re excited to be able to offer this much needed content!”

Timely partner Tom Chapman of The Lions Barber Collective, said “72% of those who take their live have had no contact with mental health services in the 12 months before they die, but they have probably had a haircut or beauty treatment. The hair, barber and beauty industry infrastructure is incredible, we are on every high street from villages to cities serving the communities. We don’t want to turn them into doctors or therapists, far from it, the idea is that we can bridge the gap between the communities we serve and the resources available.”

The Mental Health Masterclass is a two-hour training course which takes the learner through four pillars of awareness; Recognise, Ask, Listen and Help and is available online to all hair and beauty professionals – Timely customer or not. The Masterclass can be accessed through all devices with an internet connection at from the 20th of March.