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Vagaro Capital Offers Beauty & Wellness Merchants Personalized Access to Finance

Vagaro, a leading business software for beauty, wellness, and fitness industries, has partnered with Liberis, a global business finance platform, to offer tailored financial solutions to over 220,000 service providers.
Vagaro Capital, their new product, supports small businesses by providing the necessary funds for growth. They offer revenue-based financing, which means eligible merchants can access money upfront, with an agreed-upon fee, to be repaid later. In the first month, Vagaro Capital extended nearly $3 million to over 200 businesses.
Getting approved and receiving funds is a breeze, with a quick process that takes just hours. Everything happens within Vagaro’s system, and they offer fixed-cost financing with flexible payment options, all accessible in just four clicks.
Fred Helou, CEO of Vagaro, says, “We’re thrilled to see businesses grow with the financial flexibility Vagaro Capital provides, helping them reach their goals.”
Rob Straathof, CEO of Liberis, adds, “We’re excited to help Vagaro’s merchants boost their businesses. With Vagaro, they get personalised financing whenever they need it, accelerating their growth.”
Vagaro has enabled businesses to book over 600 million appointments and process more than $15 billion in payments. Their customer-focused approach drives them to continually offer solutions for business growth.
In November 2022, Vagaro introduced Vagaro Pay Later, which increases conversion rates and average ticket values for businesses while providing more flexible payment options for consumers.