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Wella Professionals supports The Little Princess Trust

Wella Professionals has committed to supporting the childhood cancer charity, The Little Princess Trust. 

Founded in 2005 by Wendy Tarplee, following the tragic loss of her daughter Hannah, The Little Princess Trust is dedicated to giving hair and hope to children with cancer. 

Based on her own experience, Wendy set up the Little Princess Trust to provide wigs for children who have lost their hair due to their cancer treatment. It now provides in excess of 2000 wigs every single year to children and young adults who have lost their hair through cancer treatment. To date the charity has provided 15,000 wigs. 

However, its great work doesn’t stop there. Since its inception, the Charity has been funding pioneering academics and institutions leading the way in researching new and better treatments for all paediatric cancers and have committed more than £23 million across more than 128 projects covering all childhood cancers.

Wella hopes that through supporting the Little Princess Trust it can help raise awareness amongst its salons to donate hair and support the charity wherever possible. It has created a wide variety of in-salon point of sale material, window stickers, mirror clings and salon posters.

In recognition of this, Wella has established four Little Princess Trust Country Champions: 

Liam Fry, Champion for England. Charlie Taylor, for Scotland. Sarah Mason, for Ireland and Lara Johnson, for Wales.

Each Champion will help raise awareness in their region and endeavour to collect hair donations which will then be made into wigs. “Financial donations also provide vital support. Since 2016 the Little Princess Trust has been able to support over 128 projects, which are critical in finding a cure for cancer. There are some great ideas on the Little Princess Trust website, and you can even order your fundraising pack to support your activity,” says Liam. 

How can salons help? Sarah Mason explains. “You can start to let your clients, friend and family know you are supporting and how they can get involved too – whether it’s through hair donations or fundraising. And don’t forget about social media – use the social assets provided to drive awareness and shout about how you are involved on your web page and social platforms,” she says. 

Wella is urging the hairdressing community to support The Little Princess Trust and is proud to be partnering with such a worthy cause. “When we heard about the incredible work that The Little Princess Trust do, we truly wanted to support them as much as we could. Wella is passionate about giving back to our community and this will be one of our chosen charities in 2024 and beyond. They not only do an outstanding job of supporting children with cancer who lose their hair, but they also raise immense levels of funding which has made an immense difference,” said Max Amen, Wella Professionals UK & Ireland General Manager.  

For further information on the Little Princess Trust, go to