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What Pantone’s Shade for 2023 will mean for your Colour Clients

Teresa Weller, Director, Teresa Weller Hair Art and, looks at what Pantone’s shade for 2023 will mean for your colour clients.

PANTONE’s colour for 2023 – is a beautifully bold shade that really sets the tone for the New Year ahead. Moving on from last year’s Very Peri tone, this strong, rooted-in-nature shade will allow us to see things with a new perspective, signalling strength, vim and vigour, something wecan all get onboard with. Billed by PANTONE as a “brave, fearless, and pulsating colour whose exuberance promotes a joyous and optimistic celebration,” this crimson red tone that presents a balance between warm and cool is bold and fearless, perfect for clients looking to take back their power in 2023. With this in mind, here’s how I believe this stand-out-statement tone can be conveyed into hair for the forthcoming season: Viva Magenta!


“I love creating powerful, empowering tones on my clients in the salon, and this is a shade that will encourage rebellious clients to be even more experimental in their colour choices, while also allowing the colour-shy to dip their toes into a hi-vis trend that can be strong and beautiful, even when created subtly, with the help of toners or temporary tones. 

Nature is always an inspiration when it comes to hair colour and this shade is no different. From a dazzling shade of crimson or cherry red, to more subtle incarnations, it can transform any style, adding some serious ‘wow’ along the way. I love a deep, fire-inspired tone, as created in this image (left), but the beauty of this shade is that it works wonderfully well on all skin tones: for warmer skin tones, cool, ashy reds work beautifully (think honey or strawberry-blonde, or golden copper), while cooler skin tones are suited well to deeper reds or light auburn shades. To create this look (left) we utilised a mix of balayage and foliage techniques, weaving in a few yellow strands for some extra ‘extra’. Tape-in extensions were pre-coloured in varying shades of red and copper to help turn up the heat even more. This image (right) was created using Revlon Professional Revlonissimo Cromatics C50 (purple red) and Revlon Professional Nutri Color Filters to enhance the depth and add some serious shine. The perfect accompaniment to Pantone’s colour for 2023.