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Winter Blondes by Lea Shaw

The weather is definitely colder, so it’s clear winter has arrived. That doesn’t mean that there’s an end to the beautiful blondes though – winter is also the season to experiment with blondes! I am going to go through some of the best shades for winter 2023 and few tips on how to achieve them.

Icy Blonde

First up is icy blonde, a classic for any time of year but perfect if your client is looking to embrace the cold. The shade has been a popular one over the years but this summer warm blondes took over, so I can’t wait to be seeing a lot more icy blondes now winter is here. However, with most blondes this is a very high maintenance look that your clients have to truly commit to. A good tip you can give your clients is that if their used to maintaining a cool blonde, then they should be absolutely fine as maintenance for icy blond is very similar. 

To achieve this shade, I would recommend starting with JOICO Blondelife Lighter 20vol and 5vol. You can experiment with this and combine to your desired lift or developer strength. Then I would go onto pre-tone the hair with JOICO 10V Lumishine Demi Liquid before starting the lightening process. The reasoning for this is that it will help to neutralise any warm under tones. Next mix JOICO Quick Tone Silver, Violet and Clear, then add a drop of JOICO Lumishine 10NG. When applying this ensure even saturation for consistent toning throughout the hair. Once all of this is done don’t forget to finish of with a nourishing conditioner, as this will absolutely be needed after this colouring. 

Light Golden Blonde

Next up is the light golden blonde, for your clients that are looking for a bit of warmth during winter. This shade of blonde is perfect for people who have naturally blonde hair and are looking for a change in shade. The colour is also great for people that are gently transitioning to a platinum blonde, although this doesn’t me you have to go all the way. You can even enhance this shade by adding in pops of silver or icy blonde, just to get that extra wintery feeling or added dimension. 

Of course, my recommendations for achieving this shade are JOICO Blondelife products. 

JOICO Lumishine Demi Liquid 9NV & 10PV Glosses are the perfect products to use for achieving this shade – the colours are just fantastic. I also find this product really nourishing and gives the hair a lot of natural shine which really makes the blonde pop. Your client will definitely leave the salon feeling confident if you have used this.

Caramel balayage

Now, some people may call this the lightest brunette, but I call this the darkest blonde. A gorgeous caramel balayage for those who don’t want to commit to the full blonde. This is also a fairly low maintenance look since which I find a lot of clients look for in the winter time. You can have fun with this one and adapt your balayage techniques and shades to suit your clients. It’s also impotent to remember to consider the starting level of the hair and adjust the processing time accordingly.

To achieve this I would mix up a lowlight formula and a highlight formula to create depth and dimesnion in the hair. For the lowlights I recommend JOICO LumiShine DD Crème 6NWB and for the highlights, JOICO Blondelife Lightener with 20vol. Apply the lowlight and highlight formulas strategically using balayage techniques for a natural and blended effect. Lastly, to add richness and shine to the overlook you should 100% mix JOICO Lumishine 8NWB with a drop of 8NRG JOICO DD Creme 5vol – this will finish the look off this flawless look.