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Yuhan Wang AW22: Venus in Fur

Hair by Kota Suizu at CLM Agency for Fudge Professional 

“Yuhan Wang collection “Venus in Furs” challenges the idea of perfection and celebrations the beauty of imperfection.  The hair was inspired by Greek goddesses and Mosuo women – we looked at many statues and then took inspiration within the curls and texture for the hair creations. Most of the models wore low ponytails with bands hidden by hair wrapped at the base of the ponytail and secured tightly.  The ponytail was then tonged to create soft curls at the mid to ends, whilst the sides of the hair was left out, curled, and tucked back above the ears. The fringe was sectioned into two-barrel curls for that sculptured finish,” explains lead session stylist, Kato Suizu.

Get the Look: 

  1. Prep the hair with Fudge Professional Push It Up Spray (£14) to ensure hold with movement.
  2. Section out the fringe and side section behind the ear.
  3. Sweep remaining hair back and secure into a low ponytail, tying with black elastic and hiding the band with the hair using Fudge Professional Hair Gum (£14) and Skyscraper (£10) to slick and hold hair in place securely.
  4. Section fringe into two sections, spritz with Skyscraper and then tong.  Wrap around fingers and secure into a barrel curl with hidden pins.  Repeat both sides and spritz with Fudge Professional Membrane Gas (£15) to secure firmly.
  5. Set the side burn hair into a U shape and tuck the ends into the hair behind the ear section.
  6. Spritz overall look with Membrane Gas to hold look prior to catwalk.