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Eternal Rituals: Oribe Launches Holiday Collection

It’s coming on that time of year again, that time we have all been waiting for. Oribe has introduced their Holiday artist Collaboration for 2023! This year’s collection celebrates the eternal rituals and preservation and revival of traditional crafts, with a design from multidisciplinary artist and designer, Louis Barthélemy.

At Oribe, every product is born from a commitment to design and artisanal craft, so each holiday season, they partner with artists and makers who elevate and celebrate the brand’s shared values of craftsmanship and storytelling, just as Oribe Canales embraced the art of hairdressing.

Shared Values 

Vince Stavale, Director of Packaging at Oribe Hair Care, said: “Craftsmanship and artisanal-inspired design are among the key pillars of the Oribe brand. As a result, each holiday season the Oribe team seeks out like-minded artists and makers for collaboration – those who have elevated their craft to an art form – just as co-founder Oribe Canales did through his approach to hair styling. Like the Journey to Mastery education program created for stylists within the brand’s network — which celebrates the desire for growth and evolution — the artists selected are always working towards achieving the pinnacle of their craft. This year’s collaboration with Louis Barthélemy exemplifies our shared appreciation of heritage craftsmanship and storytelling.”

Each year, Oribe carefully and thoughtfully hand-picks an artist to collaborate, with based on the artist’s style, ethos, and practices. Vince said: “At the core of Louis’ practice is a deep commitment to the preservation and revival of traditional crafts. He not only collaborates with artisans around the world but helps to make their work known to safeguard their livelihoods and pass on and share their precious expertise. Oribe collaborated with Louis Barthélemy to bring our unique expression of heritage craftsmanship and vivid storytelling to life for the limited-edition Holiday 2023 collection, tuning in to his connection to a brand of makers.” 

Vince told us a bit more about the ‘Eternal Rituals’ theme, and why it resonates with the Oribe brand. He said: “For this collection, Louis was inspired by legendary hairstylist and brand co-founder Oribe Canales’ glamour and spirit. Louis’ artwork exemplifies his deep appreciation for the rich culture, beautiful lands, and captivating craftspeople of Egypt that have shaped his eye as an artist. 

“In Eternal Rituals, Louis showcases the central role that haircare has played in our daily life since antiquity. The three-part tapestry, taking inspiration from papyrus scrolls, tells the story of a sublime long-haired deity, whose magnificent hair flows upward like the Nile as it is tended by characters engraved in the colorful columns. The whimsical narrative celebrates the timeless daily ritual of experiencing self-affirmation and pampering through hair care across time – a ritual we all share.” 

“At the core of Louis’ practice is a deep commitment to the preservation and revival of traditional crafts. He not only collaborates with artisans around the world but helps to make their work known to safeguard their livelihoods and pass on and share their precious expertise.”

A Word with the Artist 

Based between Cairo, Marrakesh, and Paris, Louis centers his practice around the preservation and revival of traditional crafts, collaborating with artisans around the world and promoting their work to protect their livelihoods and ensure the continuation of their expertise through future generations. 

Louis said: “I was drawn to the Oribe team after connecting virtually during the pandemic. After learning what the brand stands for, its attachment to craftmanship, and its previous holiday collaborations, I quickly identified with the project. I later met with Daniel Kaner (Oribe Co-founder and President) in Paris, and I felt very comfortable with the team. It felt fluid to pursue a collaboration.” 

I asked Louis what elements of the Oribe brand, the products, and the legacy of Oribe Canales’, inspired him and his designs for the brand. He said: “I researched the brand and its founder Oribe Canales, but also tried to connect the brand to the part of the world where I’m based. I looked at the importance of the world of hair and hairstyles in ancient Egypt and found it was crucial in defining social status and identity. I drew a story around gods, goddesses, and deities in ancient Egypt, bringing in a lot of different references from Art Deco, and put it together in illustrations to tell the story of the Queen and her rituals of hair care. Bringing a historical context to the project, we’re able to almost tell a historical lesson to the Oribe Hair Care consumers.” 

During the process of working on this collaboration, I asked Louis if he found any ties or parallels between his own medium of art and the art of hairdressing. He said: “I communicate with the artisans through drawing due to our language barriers. To me, it’s so precious to be able to state an idea through illustrations. The drawing is delivered on a real-life scale and is very edited to understand how it’s going to exist in textiles. Then the tapestry itself is really in the hands of the artisans. I will weigh in, but I put a lot in the trust in the artisans’ skills, similar to clients in a salon putting all of their trust into their stylists to bring their visions of self-expression to life.” 

Louis told us about the message he wishes to share with the professional hair industry through his art. He explained: “There is not a singular way to read into the artwork, rather it’s up to the viewer. I was inspired by this sublime deity. She has her hair being taken care of, so we’re witnessing a beauty ritual. The hair goes up the composition and flows upward like the Nile. It’s a parallel between the hair and the Nile. It’s a celebration of the river that has shaped a region of the world. Hair can also shape someone’s identity and representation in society.

“The piece is a celebration of nature and a nod to Oribe Canales and his spirit. The composition is hijacked by little elements that echo the DNA of Oribe. You see stylized hieroglyphics in combs and hairdryers, and Oribe products being held by the gods and goddesses to take care of the Queen’s hair. They are celebrating how nature is not just a source of inspiration, but a supply for everything we consume and use. It composes what we use in our beauty rituals and hair rituals. A nod to Oribe Canales’ legacy.” 

“For this collection, Louis was inspired by legendary hairstylist and brand co-founder Oribe Canales’ glamour and spirit.”

Q & A with Andreea Diaconescu, Chief Marketing and Growth Officer for Oribe Hair Care 

Andreea Diaconescu

Q: Tell us about the 2023 Holiday Collection and why Oribe partners with artists.

A: “Every year, we partner with artists and makers to celebrate the holiday season by turning shared values of craftsmanship and storytelling into museum-quality works of art — just as our co-founder Oribe Canales embraced the art of hairdressing. This year, we partnered with multidisciplinary artist and designer Louis Barthélemy to create the packaging design for our seven limited-edition holiday gift sets. Louis, who is based between Cairo, Marrakesh and Paris, centers his practice around the preservation and revival of traditional crafts. He collaborates with artisans around the world and promotes their work to protect their livelihoods and ensure the continuation of their expertise through future generations. Our Holiday Collection, entitled, “Eternal Rituals,” is inspired by Oribe Canales’ glamour and spirit, as well as the art of ancient Egypt.”

Q: What are the benefits that Oribe partner salons gain from offering the gift sets?

“Each year, Oribe’s holiday collection offers an additional touchpoint for salons to provide a unique storytelling experience for new and existing clients. In addition to the retail sets, we provide custom assets that our partners can utilize to excite their customers, including holiday campaign videos, lifestyle imagery, social assets, posters and more.”

“The benefits to carrying the holiday collection include:

 i.      Increasing a Salon’s Brand Value: Many salons are evolving into experiential destinations by offering advanced retail areas and bespoke beauty services. Having these unique offerings in their space elevates and reinforces their image while deepening customer loyalty. Clients look to their stylists for guidance, and by recommending a thoughtful holiday gift, stylists can continue to build relationships of trust with their clients.

ii.      Reaching New Audiences: The artistically designed gift sets enhance a salon’s merchandizing and retail offerings. In turn, this gives the salon the opportunity to connect with current customers, and also the potential to reach new audiences looking for covetable items to gift during the holiday season.    

iii.      Driving Revenue: The seven holiday sets allow salon partners the opportunity to offer Oribe’s best-selling and giftable products to their clients during a key revenue-driving season.”