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Introducing the Industry’s Most Dynamic and Innovative Launch Cali-Curl Beach Wave System and Cali-Curl Styling & Care

NEW Salon Service for Salon Professionals Breaking All Boundaries

Cali-Curl, Inc. is a breakthrough salon service brand founded by Kevin Hoye, Cali-Curl CEO, a leader and inventor with creativity, integrity and drive.

The revolutionary new Cali-Curl Beach Wave Service is a professional salon texture service built and developed with innovative and patented waving tools and liquid technology that achieves beautiful beach waves, volume and lasting results.

What makes the Cali-Curl service so unique is that it is a 45-65-minute professional salon service treatment that creates a look that lasts 3-6 months and utilizes never before seen tools, never before seen results.This innovative combination of liquids can be used on most hair types from color processed to highly resistant to achieve healthy, long-lasting waves with one single formula. Also, thanks to revolutionary patent pending technology, the Cali-Curl Beach Wave service has no unpleasant odor, and the hair is shampooed and conditioned during the service, something that is very unique compared to traditional texture services of the past.

The Cali-Curl service is created with the Cali-Curl Beach Wave System, Cali-Curl Rings (in sizes Small, Medium, Medium+ and Large) and Cali-Curl Foam Diffuser Rings.

The look is easily styled by clients and stylists and utilizes minimal to no heat when styling for mood or occasion. Healthier, voluminous and deep conditioned hair is achieved as a result of theCali-Curl service. Additional at-home care products are available for styling and extending the results of the Cali-Curl service, many of which include active levels of the same patented bond therapeutics involved in the professional service.

A Journey of Beautiful Waves, Inspired by Callie

“The story of Cali-Curl started several years ago with a random stranger stopping Callie and I on the street and asking us, ‘How can my wife have hair like yours?’ in looking at Callie’s hair and curl pattern,” said Kevin Hoye, CEO of Cali-Curl. “What started off as a quest to create the perfect shape to match Callie’s hair turned into a full-time journey into creating a patented professional service that has emerged into being so much more than a soft beachy wave pattern. We set out to do what we were told was the impossible because there wasn’t a solution on the market, nor was the technology, so we created it,” added Hoye.

“In creating and evolving Cali-Curl, I am constantly thinking of where it can go and what it can be, for the industry and for clients,” said Hoye. “The vision was to create one system overall that could have an impact on the professional beauty industry and truly be a win for everyone at all levels of the business and in the chair.”

“I’ve spent a lot of time with stylists, salon owners, distributors and stylist-centric business professionals. That coupled with my outside perspective is how our team is able to see things differently and work together creatively. We are very intentional on really keep it grounded and focused on the core basics of a professional service for the licensed professional,” added Hoye.

A Wave of Opportunity is Here

“What we are launching with Cali-Curl changes the lives of the consumers that experience a Cali-Curl, and for beauty professionals that perform those services,” said Ammon Carver, Cali-Curl Global Artistic Director. “Time effective, profitable, and the added value of a shampoo and condition after a texture service is a game changer in our industry.”

Cali-Curl has met, overcome and improved on all the challenges of permanent wave technology with breakthrough patented formulas. “If you are going to be a true innovator, do what’s hard and think differently,” said Kevin Hoye. Cali-Curl is a creative opportunity that far exceeds the capabilities of traditional texturing methods. The expediency and profitability of is unmatched.

Cali-Curl products are not tested on animals and are free of parabens, sulfates (SLS & SLES), phthalates, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde releasing agents. Cali-Curl is North American and European compliant on our ingredients and our fragrances.

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