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Must-Have Kid Friendly, Fuss-Free Products

As a stylist, your clients are the most important part of your business. It’s important to remember that clients come in all different shapes, sizes, and ages, and mop® (Modern Original Products for Modern Original People) Hair Care is helping you include all of them! Even your littlest clients need to have their hair taken care of, and their experience in the salon should be pain-free. mop® offers kid-friendly options that are gentle enough to be used on any little tike.  

mop® makes washing and styling children’s hair in the salon fun and safe, as their products are 100% vegan and gentle enough for even your youngest of clients.  

Infants and toddlers have more sensitive scalps than adults, so it’s essential to wash with a shampoo that is gentle and safe for their tiny heads. mop® pear gentle shampoo is the kindest, most effective way to cleanse sensitive scalps. Pear extract and soothing aloe doesn’t dry out tender skin and scalp while pear puree moisturizes sensitive skin. It contains no harsh additives, and is easy to rinse, making it especially helpful for little ones squirming in the salon chair. An infusion of fruits, vegetables, and botanicals make it smell just plain yummy! A neutral pH guards against eye irritation and stinging, so you can wash hair worry free!   

Getting children to sit still in the chair can be challenging enough, let alone trying to detangle frustrating, snarly knots. Combing through these knots can be painful and may even be damaging to hair. mop® pear detangler detangles twisted hair with naturally soothing pear juice, aloe and silk amino acids. Nature’s emollients join forces to do away with nasty knots, leaving hair happy, healthy, and carefree. With no added parabens or sodium chloride and 100% vegan ingredients, this detangler is perfect for your littlest clients. 

Don’t forget that your kid clients are just as important as your adult clients! Kid-friendly mop®products can help keep the tiny hairs on their head strong, happy, and healthy.

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About mop® Modern Original Products for Modern Original People

For over 15 years, mop has been making innovative products for the professional beauty industry. Our mission is to create a community of salons, stylists and their clients where they express themselves without being judged, condemned or criticized. At mop® we want everyone to be the best versions of themselves and to know that our community is inclusive, not exclusive. Formulated with the most powerful ingredients, our products are designed to inspire every stylist to unleash their creativity and have the freedom to style hair their way.