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Phorest powers the future of salon visits with Online Video Consultations

Introducing… Salon Video Consultations powered by Phorest 

Because virtual is the new reality

As the world adapts to become an increasingly online place, hair and beauty businesses are innovating to create new opportunities beyond the salon doors.

Following the launch of Online Gift Cards, the Online Store and a game-changing chat functionality, Phorest Salon Software is launching its Video Consultations. The feature is the perfect final touch to the suite of product launches that the salon innovator has created in response to the global pandemic and brings the possibility of conducting full appointments, pre-appointments and retail consultations in an online setting.

Salons using Phorest’s integrated Video Consultations will be able to: 

  • Book face-to-face appointments online while they’re closed
  • Sell retail by professional consultation
  • Easily market and book consultations through their Phorest system
  • See clients on any device with mobile-friendly technology
  • Prep for appointments while staying socially distant

Vitally, Video Consultations offers an opportunity for salons to stay connected to their clients, keeping loyalty strong and increasing retention. With everything integrated into the Phorest system, clients can book their Video Consultation online and will receive a reminder with a unique link to their service provider by an automated SMS. 

Ideal for closed salons, salons who want to create an additional service that is completely lockdown proof and open salons who want to connect with clients who cannot come in for services, Video Consultations through Phorest work seamlessly with your calendar to help you schedule, remind and carry out online appointments with your clients. 

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