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Preparing Your Business for Winter

With winter ahead, and the Omicron variant causing anxiety as we approach the holidays, it is essential to get your business ready for the months ahead, making sure you are doing everything you can to keep your clients, yourself, and your business safe and healthy throughout the holiday season. And as well as the usual issues of juggling busy columns and weather conditions, comes a challenge all salon owners need to be ready for.

Salon owner Robert Kirby, of Robert Kirby Hairdressing Wimbledon and Balham, said: “We’ve all heard the news headlines about a Covid surge this winter, so as a business we need to be ready for clients and team members being off, potential closures and disruption to our days.

“No one wants a repeat of the winter of 2020 so we need to have plans in place for the coming months to ensure our team and clients feel safe and we can cope with any restrictions or closures that may happen.”

Here’s Robert’s tips on getting business ready for Winter 2021

  1. It was announced this week that masks are now mandatory again in stores and close contact services, like hairdressers and barbers. Our team continued to enforce mask wearing in the salon previous to it becoming mandatory again, and will continue to do so after, as it makes our team and our clients feel safe and helps prevent coughs and colds as well as Covid.
  2. Make sure cleaning and disinfecting protocols are still in place and have not slacked since we first reopened after lockdown. It’s good practise and it shows your clients you are working in a clean environment.
  3. Encourage clients to book their next appointment well in advance. It helps your column keep busy and means they will always be a priority if anything happens.
  4. Ensure old and new clients have been skin tested after having Covid or the vaccine.
  5. Mix a colour conditioner, such as Hair id Niophlex-bomb for your colour clients to refresh their hair in case they have to isolate before their next appointment
  6. Encourage clients to purchase their homecare products in case they have to self isolate.